Series 69 is an industry standard liquid relief valve used for pressure relief and by-pass.
Engineered and designed for heavy duty, industrial and commercial usages. A single piece bonnet to eliminate leakage while allowing for simple cleaning. Easy removable sealed hex-cap to adjust pressure.

Series 69

Series 69 Liquid Relief Valves are calibrated (set to pressure) based on a range of flow-rates (GPM) versus seat size and set pressure. Standard valve is set to pressure to achieve flow rate maximum and minimums within each set pressure range. See capacity chart for details.
New (WR) wide range adjustable and available in 150 PSI increments. 

Liquid Relief Valve Model Choices:
Brass/bronze valve with stainless steel springs
Stainless steel body / disk and springs with bronze bonnet

Wide Range:
Series 69 is now available with a wider adjustable range (as an option). Valves are set to the mid-level pressure (or as specified). Typical wide-range is 150 PSI increments. Note: Flow rates are not showing on flow charts and vary by set pressure points.


Include liquid by-pass, regulation, continuous pressure relief and over-protection. Also used on pumping stations, tanks, hydraulics, fluid / piping lines, oil fields, gas lines where a Liquid or Water Relief Valve is needed.


  • Field adjustable by simple removal of the hex-cap
  • Metal to metal precision lapped seating
  • Back pressure tested at factory
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance with simple bonnet removal
  • Stainless steel springs
  • Single piece leak free bonnet


  • BSPT connections
  • Female Inlet
  • Viton embedded o-ring at hex cap
  • Packed lift lever
  • Wide range WR adjustable (150 PSI increments)
  • Stainless steel body, disk, and seating
  • Low lead option (for a potable water relief valve)
  • PTFE Seating
  • Adjustable wheel handle
  • BSPT connections
  • Low lead option
  • Tamper proof wire seal

Series 55

Series 55 are small compact (liquid) water relief valves with a maximum pressure of 200 P.S.I.

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